April 24 2015 – New Directions in Chinese Animation

Friday, April 24, 2015 at 7PM at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

Expanded Animation: New Directions in Chinese Animation
Total running time: 75 minutes + Q&A

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($10 regular / $5 students and ICA members)
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Filmmakers Lei Lei and Chai Mi will appear in person for Q&A

Program Description: 
With the spread of digital technology and state-sponsored campaigns to grow China’s creative industry, young moving image practitioners in China have been developing new works that engage with the private sector, the art world, and the global film festival circuit, expanding the form and experience of animation in the world.

Exploring this diversified wave in recent production, Expanded Animation: New Directions in Chinese Animation presents a showcase of recent animated works from a mix of visual artists, filmmakers, and independent/experimental animators, most of whom were born after 1980. Their practices stem from stop-motion, print-making, hand-made collage, ink, painting, graphic design, and digital algorithm.

Balagan and Crows & Sparrows, two Boston-based film series, co-present this program, which highlights the work of the award-winning Beijing-based artist Lei Lei. The works presented explore a variety of personal, artistic, and political subject matter, and represent the breadth of recent innovation in animation practice in China.

Sponsorship for this event is provided by the Northeastern University Chinese Cinema Club​.

2THIS IS NOT A TIME TO LIE, Lei Lei, 3’30, 2014, China

Filmmaker in attendance!



Big Hands Still1BIG HANDS , OH BIG HANDS, LET IT BE BIGGER AND BIGGER, Lei Lei, 6’, 2013, China




This is Love Still1THIS IS LOVE, Lei Lei, 2’38, 2010, China




Magic Cube and Ping Pong Still1MAGIC CUBE AND PING PONG, Lei Lei, 4’08, 2009, China




Pear or Alien Still1PEAR OR ALIEN, Lei Lei, 4’08, 2008, China




Birds Dream

BIRDS DREAM, Chai Mi, 10’15, 2014, China

Filmmaker in attendance!



Mahjong Still1MAHJONG, Chen Xi & An Xu, 7’19, 2013, China



Double Act Still3DOUBLE ACT, Ding Shiwei, 4’37, 2013, China




Lu Yang Uterusman Still2UTERUS MAN, Lu Yang, 11’20, 2013, China




Horse Still1

HORSE, Shen Jie, 4’17, 2013, China








Double Fikret video still1 3min 2012

DOUBLE FIKRET, Wang Haiyang, 3’37, 2012, China