Why Global Conversations are the Future of Independent Media

Crows & Sparrows is an initiative committed to making new connections between independent media artists and audiences in North America and East Asia. For the time being, we’re focusing our efforts on connecting two cities with rich film histories – Boston and Beijing.

Film and media have the potential to inspire new ideas, discussions, and forms of expression, but the way that films move around the world is often lop-sided, even segregated. A film might make waves across one or two continents, while never getting the chance to reach potential audiences somewhere else.

Opportunities for creative dialogue to happen on an international level are crucial to sustaining and developing a strong global field of media artists who continue to support the critical role that independent media play throughout the world. Dialogue like this helps artists to think about their works from new perspectives, and a stronger global network for viewing and discussing independent media helps artists and audiences alike to reframe familiar ideas and discussions within a wider lens.

Crows and Sparrows is one effort to enhance the exchange of independent media produced by artists in two regions in particular – North America and East Asia. Makers in both of these places have made important contributions to the field of independent media, and yet historically, there have been few channels for direct engagement among artists and audiences in these places.

How can we help emerging media artists to reach new audiences across these borders?

How can we give audiences access to these new independent works?

How can we enhance creative exchange between media artists in these two regions?

Crows & Sparrows is looking forward to exploring each of these questions, and we’re excited hear your thoughts and ideas along the way!

The Crows & Sparrows Team
Gen Carmel, Benny Shaffer, and Xin Zhou