April 26 2015 – The Chinese Mayor at IFFBoston

Crows & Sparrows is proud to co-present THE CHINESE MAYOR at the 2015 Independent Film Festival Boston! The film won the Sundance World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Unparalleled Access, and it has been called “the first great political documentary of 2015” by Nonfics.  This will be the film’s New England Premiere.

Sunday, April 26 at 1pm at the Brattle Theatre – Tickets

Directed by Zhou Hao and Produced by Qi Zhao
Documentary, 89 minutes, 2015, China

Description: Controversial Mayor Geng Yanbo is demolishing one of the world’s dirtiest cities to recreate its glorious past.

Watch the official trailer.

“A fascinating verite portrait of the collision between progress, politics, corruption and citizens’ rights in a rapidly changing People’s Republic.” – Variety

Related reading: The Chinese Mayor and the History of Chinese Documentary at Sundance.

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